20/20: Molly Watson Mysterious Death Story

Molly Watson’s mysterious death story will be broadcast on ABC’s 20/20 this week.

She was a young lady from Missouri who died of a gunshot wound. Her body was discovered on 27 April 2018 near Middle Grove’s intersection.

Watson was in love with a lieutenant, James Addie who was employed at the Moberly Prison. The two began their relationship 7 years ere her demise.

However, Addie was leading two lives at once. He was married to his first wife, Melanie of over 2 decades and had a daughter named Emma.

Neither Melanie nor Molly were aware of each other. The truth was revealed only after Watson’s death in 2018 when police went for questioning James at his Santa Fe home.

Maybe, Addie got panicked when Molly put forward her desire to marry him. Possibly, it caused him to call her to meet at a remote location and kill her.

Was She Murdered By Boyfriend James Addie? Case Update

Victim Molly Watson was murdered by her boyfriend-turned-fiance, James Addie as per The Cinemaholic.

James lived in Santa Fe with his first wife and daughter. However, he cheated on both the women by hiding the truth from both parties.

Addie’s wife, Melanie was unaware of Molly and vice-versa. When Watson revealed her desire to marry him, he murdered her by shooting her in the head.

James was a lieutenant for Moberly prison. He initially lied to the police about his alibi and disclosed that he was with a friend on the day of Molly’s murder.

However, Addie’s bloody T-shirt was found on the scene which was later identified by his daughter, Emma. Also, he was seen with the dead body by a witness.

Upon further investigation, James’s vehicle tire marks matched the ones found at the crime scene. And after the testimony from eye-witness Glenn and his family members, he was found guilty of first-degree murder and armed criminal action.

Addie stood a trial in April of 2021, which lasted for 4 days. The jury then sentenced him to life in prison without a parole possibility of 10 years.

Molly Watson Wikipedia And Age Explored: Meet Her Family

Molly Watson was a beautiful woman from Missouri.

She was intellectual and held a job at the Burrell Behavioral Center. She went through a divorce in her 30s but she later found love with James Addie.

Watson trusted Addie with her life but he betrayed her as he was already a married man with a daughter. After 7 years of relationship, when Molly wanted to marry James, he killed her.

The couple had exchanged rings and became fiances. Also, they had filed for a marriage license but Watson’s wedding ceremony never took place.

James Addie’s fiance, Molly Watson was aged 35 years when she was murdered.

Considering family, Molly is survived by her only son, Declan from her past marriage. Also, she has left behind her biological brother named Tim Watson, and other relatives.