Alex Guarnaschelli Daughter Ava Health Update, Is She Still Sick? Illness and Issues

Alex Guarnaschelli’s daughter had an illness that made her pretty weak. Is she still sick?

Alex Guarnaschelli is an American chef who is best recognized for her appearances in multiple cooking shows.

She currently works as the executive chef at New York’s Butter restaurant.

Alex rose to popularity from multiple famous cooking shows such as The Kitchen, Chopped, Iron Chef America, and so on.

The woman has millions of followers for her works and many of them are curious to know about her personal life.

In the meantime, the limelight has fallen on the young daughter of Alex, Ava, as the news of her illness surfaces on the internet.

Alex Guarnaschelli Daughter Ava Illness And Health Update

Alex Guarnaschelli revealed in an interview that her daughter, Ava, suffered a high degree fever.

It was a few years back when the girl was still a kid and was undergoing her early childhood phase.

Guarnaschelli further mentioned that it was back in the time when she didn’t have enough resources and was not a recognized personality as she is now.

The chef struggled to find the proper cure and was confused about what she should do.

Alex wondered if the steps she took were correct while she was completely focused to improve her daughter’s health.

Is Alex Guarnaschelli Daughter Ava Still Sick?

Alex Guarnaschelli’s daughter, Ava, is not sick at the moment and is in a fine health state.

Ava doesn’t have any permanent illness and is a healthy kid.

The fever was a momentarily that eventually got cured after proper treatment.

As things stand, no major illness to Ava is reported by the sources.

Alex Guarnaschelli Husband: Is She Engaged?

Alex Guarnaschelli doesn’t have a husband currently but she is engaged to chef Michael Castellon.

Castellon is a Chopped winner who proposed to the woman on her birthday and put her the ring.

Since then, the couple is together as an engaged pair while they are yet to reveal their wedding plans.

Before her current partner, Alex was married to Brandon Clark and they had Ava after five months of their marriage.

They divorced eventually after a few years of togetherness.

Meet Alex Guarnaschelli On Instagram

Alex Guarnaschelli is available on Instagram with the username @guarnaschelli.

She has a verified account with over a million followers.

The chef is pretty active on the media platform and regularly shares pictures of her dishes and other personal photos.

She has made around 10,250 posts to this date on her Instagram account.