Art Rupe Net Worth At The Time Of Death Was $5 Million

Art Rupe’s net worth at the time of his death was reported to be $5 million. 

Several websites have reported the net worth on the internet but there is no confirmation from the deceased’s family or a representative yet. 

Rupe started his career in the entertainment and music industry in the year 1945, after the second world war ended. 

However, he found his big-time success with artists such as Roy Milton, Percy Mayfield, and Jimmy Liggins, along with a very successful gospel catalog after starting his own company named Speacility Records after breaking up with his partners according to his Wikipedia profile. 

Rupe’s most successful and famous artist was Little Richard, his song Tutti Frutti is often considered one of the greatest rock and roll songs ever recorded according to Specialty Album Discography. 

Who Is Art Rupe Wife?

Art Rupe was married three times in his life. 

Information about his first marriage and his first wife has not come to the surface yet. 

However, his second wife’s name is Lee Apostoleris. The couple’s marriage ended in a divorce. The timeline of Rupe’s marriage with his second wife Lee is not available yet but they shared children together. 

After his divorce from his second wife, Rupe married his third and last wife Dorothy Rupe. Much about Rupe’s marriage with his third wife is also not documented. 

He was preceded in death by his third wife Dorothy, the couple was married until she died. 

According to New York Times, Art is survived by a granddaughter, a step-grandson, and two step-great-granddaughters. 

Obituary: What Is Art Rupe Cause Of Death?

Art Rupe’s cause of death has not been revealed officially by his family or friends yet. 

However, several websites have written obituary messages for the deceased as of now. 

He died at his home in  Santa Barbara, California on April 15, 2022. He was 104 years old at the time of his death. 

Judging by his age, Art could have died of natural causes. 

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