American Idol 2022: Cadence Baker Mother Name

Cadence hasn’t disclosed her mother’s name in the public spotlight. As a result, her mother’s name is a mystery at the moment. 

 Baker auditioned with Whitney Houston’s “I’m Your Baby Tonight,” singing an acoustic, slower version of the song than the original, making it her own.

All three judges stood to applause after a strong vocal performance. Judge Lionel Richie even praised her dad’s guitar skills, saying them “very tight.”

She started playing piano at the age of four, as per sources. The talented singer has already released two singles named ‘PeterPan’ and ‘The Play.’

Cadence Baker Dad: Who Is Shane Baker? His Biography Details 

Shane Baker is a songwriter and recording artist for Noiseblock Music Group. He is affiliated with Brentwood Benson Music in Nashville. 

He was formerly the lead singer for Christian Modern Rock band Cadence. Baker has played with Audio Adrenaline, Superchick, and Skillet as well as led worship at camps and conferences.


Shane is a studio guitarist for Noiseblock Studio and can be found on many recordings in addition to being a writer and artist.

Cadence Baker auditioned with her renowned guitar-playing father, Shane Baker, on the March 13 episode of American Idol Season 20.

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Meet Candece Grandfather Gary Baker

Cadence comes from a musically talented family. Gary Baker, a well-known songwriter, is Cadence’s grandfather. 

He had been a member of Marie Osmond’s band and co-wrote the song “I Swear” with Frank J. Myers.

The song went on to sell more than 20 million copies worldwide and win the Grammy for Best Country Song in 1995.

Gary Baker owns a recording studio in Florence and was inducted into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame in the year 2020. 

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Find Candece Baker On Instagram 

Candece Baker is active on Instagram at @cadencebakerr. She has a public account with 31 posts and 13.7k followers. 

Her Instagram feed mostly includes photos and videos from American Idol. Her followers are rapidly increasing because of her performance as an American idol.