Wikipedia: Who Is Clara Courel?

Clara Courel is a Spanish Journalist who has been involved in the fashion communication, presenter, and representation of various brands and shows. Clara is a hard-working and sophisticated individual who seems to have a knack for engaging her audience about luxurious fashion products. 

Clara has a degree in audiovisual communication and journalism, she has her own business named Courel communication in Madrid. She also graduated the University of San Pablo in Madrid. 

Clara has a huge following on social media, through her peak interest in fashion, she also made her debut in the fashion industry at the age of 45 alongside her colleagues who were 18 years old. 

Nonetheless, she often uploads her photos of luxurious clothes and advertises the products of Courel communications and other brands as well.

How Old Is Clara Courel? Does She Have Anorexia?

Clara does not seem to have anorexia but she does look quite thin for her age. Likewise, Clara is in her early 50s, she seems to be doing quite well in terms of her professional career and achievement. 

Clara is the owner of Courel communication, she seems to showcase her fashion taste and talents through her company. She is also involved in a fashion TV show, where she acted as an executive fashion officer in the show.

Likewise, Clara has been a strong, proud, and humble woman, she also has a side business through personal shopping of celebrities, her fashion taste is exquisite thus the success of her company is credited to her intelligence and experience. 

Clara Courel Pareja, Is She Married?

Indeed, she seems to be married to Hugo Portuondo who is an esteemed photographer who seems to deal in arts and luxury. The couple seems to be married to each other for more than three decades. 

They seem to share a compassionate and intimate relationship with each other, information about their children has not been disclosed. Needless to say, both of them seem to have a happy and palpable bond with one another.