Fans Think Cecily Strong On SNL Was Pregnant During John Mulaney Episode & Here Is Why

“Cecily Strong is pregnant,” is often quoted over and again by her fans. She loves food, and her weight seems to fluctuate from time to time.

Cecily Strong is an America-based actress and comedian who has been a cast member of Saturday Night Light since 2012. She often performed at The Second City and iO Chicago.

We can come across many times the rumor of celebrities being pregnant. To become a celebrity is not that easy as they are under the eagle eye and often cannot escape such rumors.

Why Do Fans Think Cecily Strong On SNL Is Pregnant With A Child? – Her Weight Gain

Fans think Cecily Strong on SNL is pregnant with a child as they might have noticed her gaining weight. She is not the only celebrity who gets to learn about pregnancy rumors.

So far, she has not spoken about her pregnancy, nor any authorized media has shared the news. But going through social media, this is not the first time the actor was rumored to be pregnant.

Even nine years ago, people were having doubts about her being pregnant. There was a Tweet posted from the user Rach @parksand_rach that read, “Is Cecily Strong pregnant? It’s her top search on Google so at least I’m not the only one asking.”

Time over again, she has been taken as pregnant. But her weight seems to fluctuate a lot which confuses her fans. As per some article written on her, it says she loves food and that might be the reason for her unstable weight.

Know Cecily Strong Husband Name & Family Details

Cecily Strong does not have any husband as of now. However, it was believed that she is having a relationship with Jack that she had mentioned in her memoir “The Will All Be Over Soon.”

You can learn more about their love story in the article written on this here. She was born to Penelope and William “Bill” Strong. Her parents are divorced. It is not known whether she has any siblings or she was the only child of her parents.

The actress does not have any children as of now. She was expelled from her school for possessing cannabis. She was transferred to a private Catholic school and later to the Chicago Academy for the Arts, and got graduated in 2002.

What Is Cecily Strong Net Worth As Of 2022?

Cecily Strong estimated net worth is more than $4million. Based on some articles, she earns $25000 per episode on SNL. This clearly shows her annual earnings are quite impressive.

Cecily makes her saving out of her professional career of being an actor and comedian. After graduating her college, she became involved in Chicago’s comedy scene and was a regular at the comedy troupe named “The Sound City.”

Besides her fortune, she has multiple houses. During the shooting in SNL, she lived in New York City, where she owns an apartment. Last year in an interview, she mentioned that she intended to buy a house in LA.