Has 71-Years-Old CBS Sunday Host Jane Pauley Had Plastic Surgery?

Jane Pauley has not shared her story of plastic surgery explicitly with her followers and viewers yet. 

She did, however, have a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon at some time in her life, according to News Info.

She didn’t say much about the changes she made to her face during the procedure, but she did put the surgeon under a lot of constraints. She was adamant that the surgeon not go near certain areas of her face according to Celebpie.

Nonetheless, her operation might have gone flawlessly because she looks so youthful and has a shine on her face that could fool anyone who isn’t aware of her age.

Despite the lack of confirmation about Jane’s plastic surgery, several of her followers believe she has tweaked her face to preserve the glow and youthfulness, she might also be on a strict diet to remain fit and healthy. 

Who Is Jane Pauley Husband? Children Explored

Jane Pauley is happily married to her husband  Garry Trudeau. 

The couple exchanged their wedding vows on June 14, 1980. But in their over four decades of married life, they have not shared many details on the internet or with their fans and followers. 

Pauley and Trudeau might be happily married as of now, they share two sons, Ross Trudeau and Thomas Trudeau, and a daughter Rachel Trudeau. 

Jane’s husband Garry is a professional cartoonist. Among his several creations, he is best known as the creator of the Doonesbury comic strip. 

The couple also has two grandchildren according to Jane’s Wikipedia profile, but she has not revealed much about her grandchildren on the internet yet. 

What Is Jane Pauley Net Worth 2022?

Jane Pauley’s net worth has been estimated at $40 million by Celebrity Net Worth as of 2022. 

She has amassed her fortune with her over half-century-long career in television and news. 

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