Has Simon Cowell Had A Face Stroke Or An Accident & What Happened To His Eye?

Simon Cowell did not have a face stroke but he was in an electric motorcycle accident twice.

In August of 2020, he fell from his bike and broke his back. He was rushed to the nearby health institution and he had to undergo back surgery for it.

Cowell got into the second accident in London in February of 2022. He broke his arm during the casualty and carried a plaster for several weeks.

Simon’s fillers had changed the way his eyes, face, and necklines looked in the past. His appearance was disrupted but gradually people got familiar with it.

However, with the release of Britain’s Got Talent, people are baffled by his changing looks. His eyes look more droopy than before but thankfully, he is healthy.

Explore Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery And Fillers History

Simon Cowell inserted fillers and allegedly underwent plastic surgery to look more youthful.

As per The Sun, he went over the board with botox fillers in the past. Also, he noted that he did not recognize himself before and after the surgery, and his son, Eric was in hysterics too.

Cowell changed after he broke his back in the 2020’s accident. He considered therapy and feared that he might never walk again. During his treatment, he changed his attitude too.

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As of now, there are zero fillers on Simon’s face. Rather than the cosmetic procedures, he is following a healthy approach as he has increased his water intake and switched to a vegan diet as well.

Simon has not revealed much about undergoing plastic surgery although he confessed to visiting the renowned surgeon, Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh.

TV Presenter: Simon Cowell Before After Pics

Simon Cowell’s fans are shocked after comparing his before and after pics.

The comparison is drastic since he formerly had many fillers on his face. Besides, the changes are visible on his neck, teeth as well as body.

Eric lost 20 lbs after quitting liquor and approaching a vegan diet. Moreover, he is currently fillers-free and he believes that having clean skin is everything.