Is Carol Kirkwood Leaving BBC Breakfast? Illness & Health Update

Carol Kirkwood was absent from her BBC Breakfast show, and Yes, she is leaving the BBC Breakfast show. 

Sarah Keith-Lucas took Carol’s place and presented the weather report in her absence.

Viewers were perplexed that their favorite meteorologist and presenter had vanished yet again.

Carol has swapped the BBC Breakfast show for another TV Show which is also ultimately under the BBC. 

She is moving to BBC Morning Live, and on Thursday, the TV weather star will appear on a rival BBC show.

Dan Walker, who has revealed why he is leaving the popular morning show to join Channel 5 News as a lead anchor, has also been missing for the past two weeks.

This comes after it was revealed that Carol, the weather presenter, would also be appearing on BBC’s Morning Live with Kym Marsh and Gethin Jones, causing outrage.

Carol, on the other hand, does not appear to be leaving anytime soon, as she is currently appearing on the morning show as a meteorological guest.

Although it is good for Carol for the change she was willing to do, not many of them were happy to see her move into a rival BBC Show.

Sally Nugent was furious about Carol leaving the BBC Breakfast show. She put some comments on Carol about leaving the BBC Breakfast and joining the rival show.