Is Chris Comstock Really The Man Behind Marshmello? Where is He From?

Does it get stuffy and uncomfortable under a mask? That’s one question we’ve been dying to ask American DJ Marshmello who is known for wearing a mask. Everyone loves a man behind a mask but what everyone loves, even more, is a man behind a mask who mixes beats as finely as a mixologist at your favorite bar. For so long, everyone wondered who the man DJ Marshmello was and many guesses flew around the media. We can confirm that Chris Comstock is in fact the man behind the smiley marshmallow mask that we have all grown to love.

Comstock is an international disc jockey and electronic music producer. His works have reached the ends of the world and gained international recognition especially after he released a remix of songs by the popular Russian-German deejay DJ Zedd.

Now that we have unraveled the mystery behind the mask, let’s get to know more about the man himself, with information on his age, biography, ethnicity and professional career all available below.

Chris Comstock Biography, Where is He From?

The deejay was born Christopher Comstock on the 19th of May 1992 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Information about his parents and childhood is not known, however, we do know that his nationality is American.

For a long period of time, Comstock’s identity was unknown to the rest of the world as he usually performed under his signature marshmallow mask. Once when he was asked in an interview why he felt the need to wear a mask and if he would ever reveal his true identity to his fans and the world, Chris Comstock responded by showing two thumbs down. A few months later he tweeted that the reason he doesn’t take off his helmet is that he doesn’t need the fame and he is more focused on creating something positive for people to connect with. We agree he seems to be doing just what he said he would; putting positivity into the world.

Is Chris Comstock Really the Man Behind Marshmello?

One interesting area to explore is how the world eventually pinned down the identity of this mysterious man. Marshmello had begun releasing free music in 2015 and was steadily gaining fans and popularity. It appears that sometime in 2015, his friend Skrillex received a phone call while doing an on-air interview with Katie Couric. When the phone rang, Katie exclaimed ‘It’s Chris” and Skrillex had responded by saying “Oh Marshmallow” as she picked up the phone and placed it on speaker.

The internet went wild with fans speculating if Marshmallow could in fact be Chris Comstock. Other evidence began to surface on social media with fans matching the tattoos on Chris to the ones on Marshmallow. In 2016, more evidence began to surface especially after a Bollywood actress named Urvashi Rauteli posted a picture of Chris Comstock and mistakenly tagged Marshmallow. Oops! She eventually deleted the tag but it was a little too late. Finally, in April 2017, Vogue magazine confirmed that Chris Comstock really is the man behind the Marshmello mask.

Apart from producing sick beats, Marshmello is also a YouTuber. On his YouTube channel, he releases cooking and gaming videos that have easily become fans’ favorites. He calls these series Cooking with Marshmello and Gaming with Marshmallow. He has about 35.2 million subscribers on his channel and has amassed over 6.1 billion views.

Chris Comstock’s first studio album was called Joytime and it was released on January 2016. In that album, he had the lead single Keep it Mello and this easily became everyone’s favorite. After releasing his first studio album, he released a single in 2016 titled Alone and this song topped multiple charts. The song was released through a Canadian record label called Monstercat and it peaked on the US Billboards. It eventually became certified platinum in the United States and also in Canada.

Chris Comstock also released the singles Moving OnRainbow, and Chasing Colors. He is also notable for collaborating with some of our favorite artists. Some of these collaborations include his collaboration with Khalid on the song Silence and his collaboration with Selena Gomez on the song Wolves. In 2018, he released a single with British artist Anne Marie called Friends.

What is His Net Worth?

Having had such a successful career, it came as no surprise when in 2007, Forbes listed Marshmello as the 8th highest paid DJ in the world. That translated to Chris Comstock’s estimated net worth being pegged at $21 million.