Is Mike Pompeo Sick? Health Update

The internet has been swayed by rumors about Mike being sick; however, these rumors seem to only be a hoax. Mike and anyone close to him has not talked publicly about him being sick or getting hospitalized.

This rumor might be the result of the fact that Mike has lost significant weight in a short time. Seeing his drastic change, people started to speculate that he might be suffering from some chronic disease.

However, Mike has publicly said that the weight loss is not due to any disease but is because he changed his lifestyle to a healthy option. Recently, ABC reported news that there is a threat to Mike from Iran.

For the security of Mike and another top aide, there is an expenditure of more than $2 million monthly. The security threat seems to be the result of the fact that he has been in positions of power at the top US Offices.

Mike Pompeo Surgery Of Weight Loss Facts

There are many discussions regarding the weight loss procedure Mike went through and some people speculate that he might have gone through surgery. However, Mike denies all of these claims.

He has said that he lost 90lbs in six months. He lost weight after changing various crucial changes in his lifestyle, as per his interviews. He said that he restricted crabs completely from his diet and increased exercise.

He said that he has made a gym in his basement. His daily exercise and commitment to eating healthily helped him to lose weight. However, there are experts who doubt his claims because losing such significant weight in such small time is hard.

No one can gainsay the fact that he has lost significant weight because it is visible clearly; however, there have been many conversations about the procedure he followed to lose his weight.