Who Is Jim Caviezel?

Jim is a 53-year-old veteran actor who has been present in Hollywood since 1991. He was born in Mount Vernon, Washington, and started acting in Seattle, Washington. 

Initially, he struggled in his career, as he secured minor roles during the beginning phase of his profession. However, he had often turned down lucrative roles in favor of his passionate works. 

Jim has appeared in movies such as Wyatt Earp, G.I Jane, Murder, she wrote, and World War 2. Likewise, the actor had also been hired to play Cyclopes in the X-Men but backed out due to schedule issues. He is currently popular for his show Person of Interest. 

Hence, Jim has been a prominent actor. His works are still watched and celebrated by his fans and audiences. 

Jim Caviezel Children Revealed

Jim Caviezel has been popular since his career in the movie “The passion of Christ.” despite his portrayal, he and his wife have performed a genuine good deed by adopting three children. 

To enumerate, the couple had adopted the three kids they are Lyn Elizabeth, Bo, and David. Bo is a kid of Chinese ethnicity, but the couple faced unfortunate circumstances as Lyn and David were suffering from a brain tumor.

Nonetheless, the illness has been dealt with. The couples seem to be taking good care of their kids as they believe that their sick children might be left out of the possibility of being selected by a good family as families have a desire healthy kid to raise. 

Jim Caviezel Injuries: What happened To Him During The Passion of Christ Shooting?

The actor played the role of Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion Of The Christ. However, the actor was struck by lightning during the shoot, accidentally scourged, and dislocated his shoulder. 

Jim had gone through a series of unfortunate events during his portrayal as Christ. Nevertheless, after a checkup and proper rest, the actor pushed through and completed the movie. 

Therefore, the actor became one of the acclaimed performers and a household name to the audience from the movie, which grossed more than 600 million dollars at the global box office.