Juan Soto’s “Girlfriend Is My Mom Tweet”: Is He Single?

Many fans have wondered if the outfielder is married or single as his fame has grown. His charming charms have reportedly attracted a slew of possible girlfriends and wives.

Many people might have assumed the player might have a list of girlfriends, but to the public knowledge, at the time of accumulating this information, he had no girlfriend.

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Besides, when questioned about his girlfriend in an interview, he simply said, “My mum is my girlfriend,” which his admirers thought was really sweet.

We are confident that Soto’s heart will be taken by a lovely lady in the future. Only then would he be able to feel the overpowering bond that two souls share in the name of love.

What Is Juan Soto’s Net Worth In 2022?

Juan Soro is believed to have a net worth of millions of dollars as of 2022. His exact net worth amount is still being calculated.

Likewise, he was named to his first All-Star squad in 2021, winning the Silver Slugger award and finishing second in MVP voting.

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Washington, understandably, sought to sign Soto, who is 23 years old, to a long-term contract, but he declined, as per Celebrity Net Worth. 

It is also reported that Soto was offered a $350 million, 13-year contract by the Nationals before the MLB lockout. The deal would have begun immediately and paid out an annual average of $27 million until 2034. By the time it’s through, Soto will be 36.

A Look At Juan Soto’s Baseball Career

For his baseball career, Soto debuted in the Major Leagues on May 20, 2018, at the age of 19, becoming the league’s youngest player. Similarly, he was also the first player born in 1998 to pitch in Major League Baseball, and he created history.

At National Park, he scored his first Major League shot, a three-run homer to Robbie Erlin from the 422-foot opposite field, as per sources. 

In contrast, he also became the club’s youngest home run hitter and the first adolescent to smash a home run in a Major League match.

More to it, Juan set several records, rose to become one of MLB’s top players, and made his entire family proud.

Besides, he was lucky enough to be named to the MLB All-Star squad and compete in the MLB Japan All-star series in 2018.