Kenny Veach Wikipedia-His Disappearance Story Explained

Netizens have searched Kenny Veach on Wikipedia after his disappearance news flooded on the internet.

However, the explorer is not available on Wikipedia. However, many social sites have covered his disappearance news. The solo adventure explored most of the deserts in Nevada and California.

Among all the adventures, M Cave was his mysterious and life-taking adventure, which he found in the second time of the search. The story begins in a highly classified area known as Area 51, a U.S Air Force base camp.

As reported on Freshedits, Kenny wrote that he felt the vibration as he got to the cave’s entrance. He revealed that M Cave was the experience of the most frightening adventure he had.

Is Kenny Veach Found 2021? Dead Or Alive- M Cave

No, Kenny Veach is not found yet in 2021. He might be dead or alive, with no clue.

His clueless disappearance made people think the story was just a hoax. The confusing case creates the buzz to be an internet hoax. However, the rescue team found his phone behind. 

It’s worth noting that he didn’t bring his camera and left his phone at home on his last trip. Without a doubt, the missing story turned out to be Sheryone’s suicide theory.

Sheryone Pilgrim was his girlfriend who believed that his death was not accidental but a pre-planned suicide. He explained how Kenny was entertaining the idea of suicide a few weeks before his disappearance.



Kenny Veach-His Girlfriend Sheryon’s Suicide Theory

Kenny Veach left behind his girlfriend Sheryon Pilgrim, who believed in suicide theory.

As recorded in Nevada, his girlfriend posted the following comment on his “M Cave HIke” video. She explained how much Kenny loved hiking and was desperate for hiking. He was a fearless hiker.



But M Cave was the most fearful hiking for him. His body shook before entering the cave, which can be seen in the video. 

Commenting on his channel, she said that she wanted to share what she knew and felt about the story behind his disappearance. Unexpectedly, she shared Kenny’s deepened depression. Kenny’s father committed suicide when he was around 20’s.