Man discovers seven-foot snake underneath couch cushion

A man was horrified after discovering a seven-foot snake under the cushion of his couch.

A man found a snake on his couch in California

A man found a snake on his couch in California

The California resident summoned rescuers to his home in Chula Vista and Alex Trejo, the owner of So-Cal Rattlesnake Removal, made the unusual discovery.

Trejo told KGTV: “This guy calls me, is pretty frantic and he’s like, ‘There’s a snake in my couch.’”

Alex added that he was “shocked” to find the seven-foot-snake beneath the couch cushion because the species is not native to the United States.

In a Facebook post, he described the event as a “once in a lifetime snake rescue”.

Though this species of snake is non-venomous, the snake put up a bit of a fight as Alex tried to capture it.

He revealed: “He didn’t get my skin, but he actually got the lining of my shirt.”

The snake is now in the care of a specialist and is being treated for a respiratory infection while Trejo attempts to find and contact the creature’s owner.