Man is being divorced by one of his nine wives

A man who married nine women is being ‘divorced’ by one of his ‘wives’.

A man married to nine women is facing a 'divorce'

A man married to nine women is facing a ‘divorce’

Arthur O Urso made headlines last year when he tied the knot with nine girlfriends in Brazil.

The model is officially married to his partner Luana Kazaki and the ceremony with multiple women wasn’t recognised as polygamy is illegal in the South American country.

One of Arthur’s wives, a woman named Agatha, has now decided to leave him as she struggled to cope with the unique marriage arrangement.

He said: “She wanted to have me all to herself. It didn’t make sense – we have to share.

“I was very sad about the separation and even more surprised by her excuse. She said that she was missing a monogamous relationship.”

The separation isn’t going to put Arthur off as he revealed that he wants to get married to two more women and have children with all of his partners.

He said: “I have a dream – my wish has only been to have 10 wives.

“I only have one daughter, but I want to have (a child) with each one of my wives.”