Meet Bilquis Edhi Children

She is considered the mother of Pakistan. Thus, there are many kids who treat her and respect her as a mother. However, her biological children are Faisal, Kubra, Zeenat, and Almas. 

Her eldest son Faisal Edhi is the managing trustee for the Edhi foundation. Faisal is a humble and intelligent person who has been managing the works of his late father and mother. 

Moreover, her daughter Kubra also runs her own home and philanthropic institute. She seems to take care of infant children who have been abandoned by their parents. 

Kutub and Almas are the youngest son and daughters, respectively. Kutub does seem to have a good relationship with his mother. He also seems to be paying attention to her work.

Similarly, Almas is the youngest among the kids of Edhi. She seems to involve in her own philanthropic endeavors and ascetic works. 

Bliquis Edhi Son & Daughter: Their Age Difference

The eldest son is in his late-50s, his age has not been disclosed, but it is likely that he is a wise and proud middle age person who seems to concentrate his efforts to save the legacy of his parents. 

Kubra Edhi is another child of Bliquis and her husband. Kubra seems to capture the ideology of her mother by helping the unfortunate and giving back to the community. She is 55 years old and is likely to be 2-3 years younger than her older brother. 

Furthermore, The details about Kutub and Almas’s age have not been revealed, but it is likely that they have a 2-3 age difference from one another and their senior sister Kubra. 

Bilquis Edhi Family Details

Bilquis was a proud mother and wife of Dr. Abdul Sattar Edhi. Her 16000 children are her family, as she has cared for them and provided for them through different donations. 

Needless to say, her biological family includes her four children and her respective grandsons. Her nurtured kids also consider her family. They seem to showcase a similar level of love and respect for the founder. 

Bilquis’s children are taking care of her foundation and legacy currently. They are likely to take the helm of the biggest foundation and make noteworthy progress worthy of her fame and name.