Who Is Nicole Sullivan Fatal Attraction? Wiki Explored

Nicole Sullivan is Louis Kimble’s ex-girlfriend, according to the short bits accessible on YouTube from Fatal Attraction.

Despite the fact that the episode revealed the story behind Louis Kimble’s death, no precise facts about Nicole or her Wiki material have been revealed as of this writing.

However, the reporters and investigators in the subsequent film thought that Nicole and his then-girlfriend, Cynice Bailey, had joined up since Louis appeared to be two-timing both of them.

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Besides, Kimble was a disturbed city dweller who moved to a tranquil desert community to find serenity. In the new city, he eventually finds love.

He was, however, assassinated in his own house, leaving the case’s suspects unidentified. The culprit of the crime that occurred in February 2006 was discovered after an inquiry.

Louis Kimble Ex-Girlfriend: Details On His Murder

In 2006, Louis Kimble was murdered in California. Kimble, his then-girlfriend Cynice Bailey, and ex-girlfriend Nicole Sullivan were all involved in a triangle love tale that led to his death.

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Bailey and Sullivan had gotten into an altercation at the club the night Kimble died. After her altercation with Nicole, Bailey was later found to be bickering with her boyfriend Kimble.

Following the inquiry, both Bailey and Sullivan transferred responsibility to each other.

Meanwhile, two separate shot casings were discovered at the crime site, leading authorities to believe that two gunmen were involved.

Where Is Nicole Sullivan Now?

There appears to be no precise information on Nicole Sullivan’s whereabouts. On the internet, there is very little data and specifics.

Additionally, users have discussed and expressed their thoughts on the episodes on the Fatal Attraction Facebook page, with one viewer describing Nicole as ruthless.

Furthermore, as reliable information concerning the case becomes available, we will update the post.