Ochai Agbaji Father And Mother Bio

Ochai’s father is Olofu and his mother is Erica. Both of his parents played basketball during their time in college. They used to play for the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. They likely met each other in college.

His parents’ involvement in basketball has certainly been a great influence on him. On top of that, his parents also knew how to help him to pursue basketball because they both have gone through the same thing as their son.

Both of them can be seen in the audience of Ochai’s games. In 2019, his father along with his former teammates went to watch KU vs UWM game where they saw Ochai playing against his parents’ team.

This was reported by KU sports. His parents are very proud of the thing he has managed to achieve over the years under their guidance and looks forward to the bright future Ochai is moving toward.

Ochai Agbaji’s Parents’ Ethnicity & Religion

There is a lack of clear answers about the ethnicity of Ochai’s parents; however, it is known that his father is an immigrant from Nigeria. His father moved to the United States when he was just 17 and settled.

They are likely Christian. Ochai grew up with one sibling, a sister. His sister, Orie, is also an athlete and plays Volleyball for the University of Texas at Austin. Thus, it can be said that the entire family is into sports.

It has been reported that his father is currently working as a city planner in Kansas City and his mother works as a kindergarten teacher. His parents are very close to him and are happy with his and his sister’s achievements.

People can follow him on Instagram and goes by the handle name youngoch. On Instagram, he has more than 73,000 followers and can be seen posting pictures of himself in games and with loved ones.