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Richard Clyburn is first recorded working as a Consulting Engineer in the Agricultural and Textile industries in Gloucester and Somerset in 1828. 

He made precision tools out of wrought and cast iron with replaceable parts.

In 1836, he issued his first patent to John Ferrabee of the Thrup, in the parish of Stroud, in the county of Gloucester, engineer, for certain improvements in power-looms.

By 1836, he had joined George Lister as a partner in the Uley Iron Works, but when the Earl of Ducie purchased the company in 1841, Clyburn became engineering manager.

His second patent was issued in 1840 in collaboration with a group of engineers to improve machinery for cutting vegetables and other materials.

While working as the Engineering Manager at the Uley Iron Works in Gloucester, he is credited with inventing the first adjustable spanner and registering the design in 1843.

Up until about 1964, his design was produced primarily by other Birmingham factories and appeared in tool catalogs.

In 1843, he was honored with numerous medals and honors for his discovery and improved design of the spanner.

Yorkshireman worked as an engineer in the agricultural and textile industries in Somerset and then Gloucestershire, similar to Edwin Beard Budding.

Richard was born in the year 1797 and his death was reported on the 18th of October 1852.