So You Do You And Imma Do Me Tiktok Song Lyrics Explained

So You Do You And Imma Do Me is a song sung by the rapper J. Cole.

It is one of the oldest songs that has gained a wide range of attention since its release in the year 2014.

The name of the song is No Role Modelz, but many people over the TikTok are searching for it by its lyrics So You Do You And Imma Do Me.

For now, the song is still gaining moment and people all over the TikTok are ready to hit this trend. 

The details about its lyrics are mentioned on some of the websites, where there are the lyrics for the whole song.

Users on TikTok have created videos based on its music and shared them on the platform. 

It is still a mystery who was the one who started the trend, as it seems that it was uploaded by someone with less popularity, but later turned out to be the song that ruled the TikTok. 

So You Do You And Imma Do Me Meaning & Original Sound

The song So You Do You And Imma Do Me is all about its artist. 

It goes with the latest trend of the breakup and patches and people have been loving the songs singe then. 

@jit_2_slight @jamesbaymusic. These things happen. A cover to let it go. #coversong#viral#fypシ #artist#singing#sing#singer#sheesh#foryou#vocals#gotalilolder ♬ You Do You – Mj 5ou1

The original sound and song have gained more than 24 million views on youtube, and the rapper released the song on the youtube on 12th of December 2019. 

This is long after the song was originally published on the internet and by the studios. 

J. Cole who has written the song is one of the most popular rappers in the USA, and he is from West Germany.