Who Is Steven Elmir Ex-Wife Alia Elhassan? Jenny Elhassan Sister

Alia Elhassan, Jenny Elhassan’s sister, is the ex-wife of heroin dealer Steven Elmir, also known as ‘Mr. Worldwide’ and formerly considered one of Sydney’s most dreaded underworld personalities.

Elmir was previously condemned with up to 24 years in prison for his part in a 2017 plot to smuggle roughly two tonnes of illegal narcotics from the Netherlands.

Similarly, he was one of nine persons detained as part of the probe, including Michael Ibrahim, the brother of Kings Cross figure John Ibrahim, as per Dailymail.

According to The Daily Telegraph, police also intend to question Sydney rapper Ali “Ay Huncho” Younes over suspicions that he was involved in the incident.

Elhassan recently chastised the rapper on social media, although the duo is said to have been close in the past. According to his lawyer, Younes “vehemently and fiercely rejects” any role in the event.

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A Look At Steven Elmir Family 

As of this writing, no information on Steven Elmir’s family or parents has been released.

As per reports, the Elmir family and the famed Ahmad family are supposed to have had a violent enmity for a long time.

Elmir was captured in Dubai after fleeing Sydney following a gunfight with the Ahmad family at Condell Park in which his brother-in-law was murdered.

If any verified information regarding Steven Elmir’s family becomes available, we will update this page section.

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Where Is Steven Elmir Today?

Steven Emir is thought to remain in prison today, having been sentenced to 24 years in prison for cocaine smuggling in 2017.

Furthermore, Steven was held in Dubai for two years for a ‘civil debt’ he was ignorant of before being deported to Australia by the Australian Federal Police.

As per Dailymail, Elmir will be imprisoned for at least 14 years and not be eligible for release for another nine years.