Victim of alleged acid attack in Sydney posts videos of incident on TikTok as NSW police appeal for witness

Recently, news started surfacing on the internet where a Sydney woman was walking on the street doing a live stream. As per the sources it came to know that a Sydney woman was live streaming on TikTok during which she had acid thrown on her face on a CBD street late last night. Yes, we are talking about TikTok star Jenny Elhassan, 32, who was standing on Dixon Street in Haymarket at about 11.20 pm while three masked men got out of a black Mazda SUV and threw acid in her face.

Victim of alleged acid attack in Sydney posts videos of incident on TikTok

Later the lady rushed to the near restaurant for help then she called the cops. After the police reached the spot they took her to the Royal North Shore Hospital (near to incident spot) to be treated for facial injuries. She later took her social media (TikTok) from the hospital bed wherein the clips she said, “I thought I lost my eyesight when it first happened”. Continuing the statement she said “I was screaming because I couldn’t see, “God saved me. I had my glasses on. Imagine I didn’t have my glasses on.”

Sean West the detective Acting Inspector said in a statement that police are investigating and soon it will clarify whether the motive was personal or over a relationship. “The precise motive of the attack is under investigation,” he said. Another statement by Andrew Bibby NSW Ambulance Inspector said that throwing chemicals could be life-threatening because if they can throw it so they could also take her with them but their motive was perhaps only threatening her so they did it.

In his statement, he told sources that “When paramedics arrived, the victim or patient was very distressed and seemed to be struggling for breath. Her face was quite swollen as a result of the chemical substance which was also impacting her vision”. As the lady said in her video that she was wearing glasses therefore her eyes got safe, and no doubt if there would no glasses then she might be able to see because she could lose her vision due to chemicals. Well, the investigation is still going and soon the culprit will be hitting the bars, and then it will come that why did the wrongdoers do that to her. Stay tuned to read more updates on the case and also, follow for more updates across the globe.