Was Lemminkainen Hoard Found? Treasure Worth 15 Billion Pounds

Was Lemminkainen Hoard found? To know everything about the treasure worth 15 billion pounds, keep reading.

Lemminkainen Hoard is worth 15 billion pounds.

A team of 24 treasure hunters including, 12 men and 12 women, began the journey to unearth the treasure back in 1987.

And now, after 30 years, they feel confident in unearthing that enormous treasure.

Was Lemminkainen Hoard Found?

No, not yet. But, the team of treasure hunters known as Temple Twelve may be on the brink of finding that haul worth $15 billion.

The team, consisting of members from all over the world, has been searching in Finland since 1987. In the beginning, they only had 24 people, 12 men, and 12 women.

But where is it? They believe that the treasure lies somewhere within the Sibbosberg cave system and could find it the following year.

Lemminkainen Hoard’s leading world authority Carl Borgen told that the crew feels excited about the months ahead as there is significant progress at the temple. The camp also believes that they are on the brink of a breakthrough.

The Temple Twelve returns to the site in May the following year and resumes work in September.

Lemminkainen Hoard Treasure Wikipedia

Lemminkainen Hoard’s treasure is worth 15 billion pounds. Wikipedia hasn’t officially featured it even with such a staggering expected amount.

As for its origin, Landowner Ior Bock acknowledged the treasure’s existence in 1984 as he claimed his family to be direct descendants of Lemminkäinen, who show up in Finnish pagan mythology. Additionally, he claimed that his estate got sealed with stone slabs in the 10th century to avoid invaders.

In June 1999, a stabbing led Bock to be a quadriplegic. After that, his former assistants killed him in 2010, but the treasure hunt continued.

As for the treasure’s location, Temple Twelve believe that it remains hidden somewhere in the Sibbosberg cave system, about 32 kilometers east of the Finnish capital Helsinki.

They predict that the hoard lies within an underground temple in Sipoo, inside which there is a spiraling hallway with small rooms full of treasures collected over generations. 987 AD was the last time it got collected.

After more than three decades and over 100 professionals from within the world, the group says that they are a few meters away from unearthing that enormous treasure consisting of 50,000 gemstones. Additionally, about a thousand artifacts that date back thousands of years and several life-size statues made of 18-carat gold remain a part of the hoard.