Was Singer Kelly Rowland Adopted Or Switched At Birth?

No, the American singer Kelly Rowland was neither adopted nor switched at birth.

However, she was born and raised in a disturbing family where his father was an alcoholic abuser and a PTSD victim.

After her parent’s separation and her family’s relocation to Houston, she became close to Beyonce Knowles ad her family.

She even called Knowles’s mother, Tina, “Mama T” which indicates that the singer was like a daughter in the family.

Her childhood friendship and connection with Beyonce and her family seem to have confused people about Rowland being adopted.

However, there are no reports on the internet that mention that Kelly was either adopted or switched at birth.

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Who Are Kelly Rowland Biological Parents?

Kelly Rowland’s biological parents are Christopher Lovett and Doris Lowland Garrison.

Her parents divorced when she was six years old and she moved out with her mother.

Eventually, Kelly and her mom, Doris, relocated to Houston and somewhere in her teenage years, she developed a connection with the Knowles family.

Rowland’s mother passed away in 2014 due to a heart attack.

Meet Kelly Rowland On Instagram

You can find Kelly Rowland on Instagram with the username @kellyrowland.

She has a verified account with over 12.7 million followers at the time of writing.

The singer is pretty active on the social media platform as she regularly updates her stories and has also made over 1370 posts to this date.

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