What Does /gen Mean On TikTok and Twitter? /gen Meaning Explained

A new jargon term is taking over social media sites TikTok and Twitter. What Does /gen Mean On TikTok? The term /gen is the short version of the word ‘genuine.’

Nowadays, different short forms and slang terms are used for different words in popular social media sites. In this generation and time where any information and ideas are found over the internet, people use various terms that will confuse the users and viewers what that term actually means?

Different age groups of people create and use their own term word, and viewers will get confused by that term.

It is just impossible to read throughout the comments section of a TikTok video without coming across at least one strange slang term. New slang terms and words are popping out on TikTok and Twitters every day.

Similarly, there is this term /gen, and if someone is confused about it, read this full article to know the actual meaning.

What Does /gen Mean On TikTok and Twitter?

Going through different TikTok videos and Twitter tweets, has anyone seen using the term /gen at the end of their TikTok comments or in any tweets. If you are confused about it, then you are not the only one.

The term /gen is basically an abbreviated version of the word ‘genuine.’

so, if someone writes /gen at the end of their sentence, that means the statement is genuine. It illustrates the sentence is serious and tells you that they aren’t joking at all.

Someone also says Knowledge is the best definition of /gen, but actually, it is genuine.

/gen Mean In Text

/gen is also known as a tone indicator.

It tells the viewers and readers the tone in which your message is supposed to be read. So, it includes the significant meaning of the message and makes sure that it isn’t read in the wrong way.

Slangs Stands For?

/gen isn’t the only slang or tone indicator used over TikTok & Twitter. There are many other slang terms.

Basically, slang stands for Street Language. It is often used to appear friendly to someone or that the slang you share is part of your secret language.