What Does “imsg” Mean On TikTok? Urban Dictionary Meaning Exposed

The question ‘What Does “imsg” Mean On TikTok’ is being asked by people on the internet recently, follow the article till the very end if you wish to know the answer to the most popular question. 

TikTok is well known for having various challenges and trends at all times, making it the most downloaded social media platform on the internet in the year 2021 according to The Star.

Judging by the popularity of the application, we can make predictions it’s a very happening place, and several things pop up now and then. Most recently acronym imsg is trending on the platforms.

Let us learn more about imsg and take a closer look at its meaning and also look at other websites to explain the abbreviation.

What Does “imsg” Mean On TikTok?

The abbreviation imsg has different meanings across the internet and varies according to the use as well.

In TikTok imsg refers to the imessage games. The games that are available on the imessage in several apple products and ios.

TikTok users are using the imsg abbreviation to get the number of people they like by using the games as the decoy to ask their numbers.

They often ask the number and say let’s play imsg while their main intention is to ask for the number.

However, thousands of people are hopping on to the trend and have made a variety of videos, some are even showing some tricks and tips to win certain games.

One TikTok user-posted how a person can use to floating video call window to measure the line in the popular game 8 ball pool. It is a fail-safe way to plot every ball you target as one can know exactly where the ball will end up.

Several other games are also available and people are enjoying them all and posting clips on their TikTok account as of now. However, only the ios users are eligible for the trend as android phones do not support imessage as it is exclusive to iPhones.

‘imsg’ Urban Dictionary Meaning Exposed

The popular online dictionary Urban Dictionary has also defined imsg as imessage games.

The use of imsg according to Urban Dictionary could be ‘Bro I’m bored here’s my number wanna play imsg?’

However, there are other websites that beg to differ and have provided several other meanings to the acronym.

Acronyms the free dictionary has provided other full forms such as  International Messages, International Marketing, and Sales Group a company in Moscow Russia,  Information Management System Group, and several others.

In conclusion, it is safe to say acronyms have several meanings and are mostly defined by their use.