What Happened To Sasha Samsudean? Murder – Where Is Stephen Duxbury Today?

Sasha Samsudean was murdered in her apartment on October 18, 2015. The murderer was identified as a security guard of the building where she lived. 

The case was solved with the help of recorded footage from the apartment. The accused was found guilty in 2017 and was convicted.

What Happened To Sasha Samsudean?

Sasha Samsudean was killed in her apartment in such a horrifying way that one could never imagine. Nevertheless, on October 17, 2015, she made plans to go out with her friends.

She went to a nightclub with her friends but soon returned home. She had informed her friend before she left the nightclub to get back home. However, she did not receive calls the next day or show up for breakfast. Thus, her friends went to her apartment to check on her.

After several knocks on her door, she did not respond, making her friends worried. Finally, the police arrived in the apartment after some time and found her dead in her bed.

She was wrapped in a comforter, and a torn purple shirt and underwear hung from her body when they found her. They also discovered her necklace entangled in her hair, indicating that she struggled.

Sasha Samsuden Murder Story- What Caused Her Death?

Sasha Samsuden’s murder story shook everyone who came to know about it. First, the innocent girl was killed brutally. Then, the autopsy result showed that she was beaten, assaulted, and strangled to death.

Stephen Duxbury was convicted of the murder. Police inquired the security guard, Stephen, but his story made them turn their suspicion into a relationship angle.

They turned to Sasha’s ex-boyfriend, Taylor, and the last person she texted, Ben. However, their DNA did not match one at the crime scene.

They revisited the CCTV footage and discovered that the security guard, Stephen, could be seen on camera at 6:36 am when his shift was supposed to end at 6 am.

The police tested his DNA and the one found at the crime scene. It was a match, and he was arrested.

Where Is Stephen Duxbury Today?

Stephen Duxbury is serving a sentence in prison today. He initially denied all the allegations, but the jury found him guilty.

He was convicted of first-degree murder and attempted sexual battery involving physical force and burglary with assault. He received a life sentence for the first two charges and 15 years in prison for the burglary.