What Happened To The Canoe Man, Is He Still In Prison?

As of now, the canoe man is still alive and has been released from prison. John and Anne planned to make a sudden appearance of John at the police station claiming that he has amnesia, a medical condition where a person loses memory.

This reappearance occurred in 2007. However, the police were suspicious of them, and later, photographs of the couple abroad were found. The couple was then sentenced to prison.

John received imprisonment of 6 years 3 months and Anne received 6 years 6 months. Both of them were released from prison in 2011. Thus, the couple is now out of prison and is living a free life.

There is no doubt that the entire case of the canoe man is something that seems to be straight out of Hollywood. This case has inspired many people to make movies about it and the recent one being The Thief, His Wife, and The Canoe.

John And Anne Darwin 2022

John has been reported, as per Manchester Evening News, to be in the Philippines with his second wife Mercy May. His second wife way younger than him; he is 71 and his wife is 47 years old.

Mercy is the mother of three and a businesswoman. John still receives a pension from the British government. It can be said that he lives a different life than he was living in the United Kingdom.

Anne decided to separate from John; it was after two months of john being out of jail. Anne wrote the book Out of My Depth after she was out of prison. She also talked about her marriage to the media.

Anne blamed John to be persuasive and was the reason she was completely blinded to committing crimes. It is likely that she still lives in the UK.