What Is Jordan Spieth Caddy Michael Greller Net Worth In 2022?

Micheal’s net worth has been estimated to be more than $10 million. Being part of a talented player has been his main source of income. His talent and hard work have been essential to Jordan, and he has been paid accordingly.

He lives a comfortable life with the millions of fortune he makes. Before joining Spieth, he was working as a teacher in a school. At that time too, he was working as Caddy because of his hobby.

Before being permanent with Jordan, he had been caddy for him in two games. He was the guy with a good job as a teacher, so it was confusing for him whether he should be giving up his job for Jordan or not.

His wife Ellie Greller, who he married in 2013, encouraged her to go for the job as a caddy. Since he decided to give caddy a shot, there has not been any time he had to look back.

Michael Greller Earnings & Prize Money Details

Jordan’s earnings have been estimated to be over $48 million as prize money, and Micheal receives some percent of it. It has been reported that the general caddy earning is more than 8% of the player earning.

Micheal might be receiving more because he is very close to his boss. He was making $55,000 per year from his job as a teacher; however, now, he makes more than it, so it can be said that his decision to leave teaching was financially best.

He was approached by Jordan’s father to join as a full-time caddy. He took a chance with the job, and currently, he is one of the best caddies among golf players.

His wife was also a teacher at Kindergarten, but later, she decided to leave her job to join her husband on his tour. Micheal and Jordan have still a long career together.