Where Is Roksana Sikorski? Brother Wikipedia & Family

Roksana Sikorski’s brother is doing well and wishes to prevent the spotlight. Read on to know more about Roksana’s exploits.

Roxanne Sikorski, also known as Roksana, was just 15 years old when she and her 23-year-old lover plotted the murder of her whole family. She weighed 95 pounds and stood 4 feet 8 inches tall, and she was depressed and suffering from severe mental disorders. Roxanne’s parents feel she was duped by her lover.

When was Roksana Born?

Teen offender, Roxanne Sikorski was born on 21st March 1999.

A Michigan couple, Laurene Sikorski and Jeff Sikorski adopted Roxanne from Poland, where she had been raised in an abusive and negligent environment.

Roxanne Sikorski’s Early Life

Roksana was an excellent youngster who began to act out as she approached puberty. She was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and she was prescribed medication.

She was a student at Plymouth Canton High School. While her classmates were enjoying spring break, Roxanne sat in a Wayne County courthouse, shackled and dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit, waiting for the judge to give her punishment. Prosecutors described it as a “really chilling” scheme.

What happened to Roxanne Sikorski’s Brother?

The culprit Roxanne crept into her 12-year-old brother’s room and stabbed him in the throat with a fish fillet knife. As he reacted, she placed her hand over his lips, and the knife sliced deep into his skin. As her brother shouted and informed the family, she dropped the knife and rushed outdoors.

Sikorski’s lover was waiting for her outside, emailing her instructions on how to carry out the murder.

The convicts drove away after the brother was stabbed.

According to USA Today, the brother survived the attack and testified in court through video connection while still healing from his injuries.

Family of Roksana Sikorsk

Even though they were targets of the conspiracy, Roksana’s adopted parents supported her throughout the investigation and even hired counsel for her.

Roxanne and her two siblings were adopted by Jeff and Laurene. At the court, she sobbed and apologised to her family as she was sentenced to 10-20 years imprisonment.

After Roxanne Sikorski was caught and sentenced to jail, the family has kept it under wraps.

Roksana Sikorsk’s life in Prison

According to the Detroit Free Press, she and her companion, Rivera, were both charged with one count of attempted murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, four charges of conspiracy to commit murder, and using a computer to conduct a crime.

Roksana was accused as an adult and was not released on bail. She is now incarcerated since she has not yet been freed from her term.