Who Are Dash Warren And Finn Warren? Autumn Reeser Kids

Dash Warren and Finn Warren are the adorable kids of an American actress Autumn Reeser. She is a single mother of two kids.

Dash and Finn are currently studying in elementary school in the United States. The Warren brothers now live with their family in Los Angeles, California.  

Their mother, Autumn, went to study theater history, acting technique, dance, voice, and movement at UCLA. She also went to the Beverly Hills Playhouse to pursue acting.

Resser began her acting career in the year 2000. Since then, she has acted in numerous roles in television, films, and theatre. 

Besides that, Reeser was on the cover of Stuff magazine’s December 2006 edition. She has also appeared in Maxim, Celebrity Skin, and Zooey magazine editorials.

Meet Dash Warren And Finn Warren Father

Jesse Warren is the biological father of Dash Warren and Finn Warren. 

Their parents, Jesse and Autumn, do not live together since they got divorced in 2014. 

Reeser filed for divorce from Warren in November 2014, requesting shared physical and legal custody of their children.

So, even they are divorced, Jesse, their father, will also have equal rights and responsibilities to Dash and Finn.

Dash and Finn appear to enjoy spending time with their father, as Jesse has posted photos of them in different places. 

Apart from Dash and Finn, Jesse also has a daughter, Livwillow Warren, from his second wife. She is now four months old. 

Dash Warren And Finn Warren Age And Birthday

Born in 2013, Dash Warren is now eight years old, whereas Finn Warren is eleven years old, born in 2011. 

Dash is a Sagittarius as he celebrates his birthday on November 26. Similarly, Finn has a birthday on March 10, making him a Pisces.

Finn Warren is three years older than Dash Warren. However, the Warren brothers were born in Los Feliz, CA. 

Meanwhile, they both do not have an Instagram profile as the legal age to sign up on Instagram is thirteen years old.

Although, you can find their mother and father on Instagram with the usernames @autumn_reeser and @jesse_warren.