Who Is Cugine On Tiktok? 

Cugine is the creator of the immensely successful TikTok account “Meals by cug,” which is based on Staten Island.

Cugine visits local establishments to evaluate food that can be eaten with your hands, such as pizza and sandwiches, and ends each video with his grandpa-like slogan, “Take care, brush ya hair.” On his “Madone” scale, he assigns a score to the dish.

And, with his unpretentious demeanor, he stands out amid the swarms of self-proclaimed culinary influencers who have become all too common.

In January, he returned to Staten Island and now makes money through sponsorships, souvenirs, and filming films on the site Cameo. He’ll debut a culinary product that he’s working on with another influencer in a month.

But he’s striving to keep as fresh as the mozzarella at his favorite Staten Island sandwich shop, Royal Crown Bakery.

Cugine Real Name & Age

Cugine’s true name is Danny Mondello. Cugine will be 24 years old in 2022.

Mondello wasn’t looking for stardom on the internet. In 2017, he relocated off-campus with two roommates while pursuing an accounting degree at SUNY New Paltz.

Mondello became the house chef, and to amuse his companions, he documented his dinner preparation, displaying only the food and not his face. After college, he got an accounting job, but he resigned after just five days.

He went to work as a line cook at a New Paltz restaurant and continued to create content for a few hundred followers as a pastime.

However, while visiting Rossi and Sons Rossi Rosticceria in Poughkeepsie in July of last year, he walked in front of the camera and evaluated a roast beef sandwich, saying in the TikTok video, “You’ll have heart disease by 26, but it’s worth it.” The post has been viewed over 440,000 times.

Meet Cugine On Instagram

Cugine may be found on Instagram as @meals by cug.

Cugine has over 454k Instagram followers. It’s all because of Nicolas Heller, a.k.a. the creative behind the popular account New York Nico, who began showcasing Mondello daily, boosting his Instagram profile.

Fans now approach him daily. Drake, comedian Andrew Schulz, and musician Charlie Puth, to mention a few, are among the celebs that follow him on social media.

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