Who Is Daniel Cauich? Ethnicity And Details Of Suspect In The 94 Year Old Woman Stabbed Case

Daniel Cauich is a 35 years old suspect in the older woman stabbed case in San Francisco. Where is he now? 

Daniel Cauich is the person behind the stabbing of a 94-year-old woman, Anh Peng Taylor.

As per the reports, the older woman was attacked severely on the wrist and abdomen by Cauich.

Further, Cauich was on the ankle monitor during the time of the attack.

Regardless, the good news is that Taylor is expected to recover even after the alleged attack on June 16, 2021.

Besides, reports state that the concerned authorities arrested Cauich immediately after the incident.

Who Is Daniel Cauich?

Daniel Cauich is a 35-year-old man arrested for severely stabbing a 94-years old Asian woman.

The suspect is reported to have a criminal history as he was arrested five times a year ago for burglaries and in 2016 for homicide.

Cauich was released in June for his earlier crimes, for which the general public asked to detain him as a matter of their safety.

And, just days after the release, he created another mishap and has been arrested again by San Francisco Police.

Daniel Cauich Ethnicity

Daniel Cauich is currently a resident of San Franciso; however, he appears to belong to Asian ethnicity.

So, we can presume him to be from an Asian-American family.

Additionally, the woman he stabbed belonged to a Chinese-Vietnamese community.

Daniel Cauich Arrest Picture Found

 Suspect Daniel Cauich’s arrest picture is readily obtainable through the web in recent times.


In some pictures, we could see the suspect walking down the aisle, which is the picture of his arrest.


Also, there’s a video of Cauich with an unprovoked attack on the older woman reflects an unacceptable human act completely.