Who is Earl Lee Johnson?

Earl Lee Johnson’s information has not been disclosed to the public, he seems to be a resident of Louisiana. It is likely that Earl is a user and dealer of illegal drugs. 

He was the perpetrator behind murdering Janice David in the Facebook live stream, the authorities were trying to locate David from the stream. 

However, the cruel video stream that was broadcasted for 15 minutes did not buy time for the help to arrive. Nonetheless, Johnson had repeatedly violated Janice with harsh torture and beating during the video. 

Janice David Stabbed To Death: Earl Lee Arrested

Janice and Earl were likely to have known each other, the authorities state that Earl and Janice were on a drug binge for 2-3 days. 

In the Facebook live video of Earl stabbing Janice, he stated that she was trying to steal his drugs thus the confrontation escalated and during his intoxication with drugs, he committed such a heinous crime. 

Likewise, Johnson had choked, beat, and repeatedly stabbed the victim. After the deed was done, Earl tried to set the car on fire as well to get rid of the evidence. 

The detectives found Earl in a stolen car and after a short chase, they captured the victim with some injuries, he was taken into custody after his visit to the hospital. 

Earl Lee Johnson Wiki and Facebook 

Earl Lee Johnson is a 35-year-old male from Louisiana. It is speculated that Janice David of 34-year-old was seeking drugs from Earl.

Meanwhile, their relationship has not been discovered but it is evident from looking at the evidence that the cause of death of Janice is due to their drug binge of Earl and the, and escalation that took place after Janice tried to steal Earl’s drugs.

The murder of Janice David was about 15 mins long that was streamed live on Facebook, it brought disarray and shock to the family of Janice and disappointment to Earl’s family. 

Earl Lee Johnson Family Details

Earl’s family details are confidential in order to protect the family members from the victim’s well-wishers. However, they might have been shocked and worried by the evil deed done by Earl.