Who is Gavriel Heine? Wikipedia Details

Gavriel Heine is a fixture at Mariinsky theater in St. Petersburg Russia. He has been working in the theater arts and conductor for 15 years. 

His works contributions and performances of classics include, “Swan Lake” and “The Rite of Spring.” Gavriel seems to have been a protege of one of the world’s greatest and busiest artistic directors and theater’s general Mr. Gergiev. 

Heine was interested in Russian culture since teenager, as his mother was a pianist who performed in Moscow and he had taken lessons at Moscow Conservatory. 

After high school, Gavriel went to Russia for cultural studies where he became the first American to graduate from the Moscow Conservatory under the tutelage of Illya Musin a popular personality in Russian musical arts. 

Gavriel Heine Age

Gavriel Heine is 44 years of age, his higher studies were in Russia and he has worked in the musical arts of theater in Russia since the early stages of his career. 


Gavriel’s break came in 2007 when he approached the infamous Mr. Gergiev who is a theater general of Marrinsky at present. He approached him to secure a job in the theater, where he debuted the same year with Mozart’s “Le Nozze di Figaro,”. 

Later on, he was named the resident conductor in 2009, since then he has been on the podium to give his performances more than 850 times. 

Gavriel Heine Wife

Gavriel Heine has a supportive and charming wife, who has been in his life for more than a decade. Both of them seem to share a strong relationship together. She also supported Gavriel’s career choice which included frequent travel and time away from home. 

The couple also has a cute child, he seems to be a teenager. Gavriel seems to be blessed with a happy and prosperous family to be his strength. 

For a happy family and stability, Gavriel seems to have given much thought to not restricting his talent to Russian only. Thus, the musical fixer has left the country in order to be with his family. 

Gavriel Heine Resignation Reason Disclosed

Gavriel Heine has been in Russia for more than three-decade but the war on Ukraine has changed his viewpoint about the country. The long-time supporter and director of Mariinsky, Mr. Gergiv often aligned himself with the agenda of President Putin. 

Nonetheless, he had focused on the musical arts but the war on Ukraine, forced him to make up his mind, as he did not intend to raise his children in such a dangerous environment, where a country is committing such heinous crimes against humanity. 

Many artists and business personalities have left Russia, due to sanctions and in the reckoning of their moral duty. As Gavriel seems to be another conductor who has left his career in Russia to start his career in the states.