Does Mangesh Kudalkar Have Son?

Mangesh a 48-year-old politician has not disclosed his personal life but the couple might have children who they have not revealed to the public. 

Moreover, oftentimes in politics while standing up for a powerful position such as MLA, the family of politicians becomes victims of harassment and threats. 

In that regard, there are chances for Mangesh to not reveal about his personal life, children, and relatives. The politician often engages in media regarding his political contributions and spreads the policies and agenda of him and his party

Mangesh Kudalkar Wife Rajani Death: Did She Commit Suicide?

Rajani Kuldalkar wife of Mangesh has been found dead in Mumbai in her home on Sunday. The police do seem to be suspecting foul play but the initial information from the investigation points toward the suicide. 

Mangesh Kudalkar had faced some serious issues related to blackmailing and extreme pressure from the opposition. It can be concluded that the couple had not been in solace due to the political situation in Mangesh. 

As per the preliminary investigation, the body was hanging in Mumbai’s flat, East of Kurla in the Nehru Nagar inside the residence of Dignity Cooperative Housing Society at the time of 8:30 pm. 

The authorities have filed Accidental Death Report (ADR) in the case of investigation. The general public, critics, and the well-wishers of the politician have been shaken by the unfortunate news. 

Mangesh Kudalkar Net Worth Revealed 

Mangesh Kudalkar has remained in power since 2019. He has held a strong footing and is able to showcase resilience in the face of strong political adversaries. 

He might be surrounded by controversy and critics but the MLA has been able to achieve significant economic development in the state as well. 

Mangesh Kudalkar stated that he has been self-employed and had an entrepreneur before starting a career in politics. It is speculated that Mangesh’s net worth is more than 44 million rupees at present.