Meet Miguel Rojas Wife: Who Is Mariana Rojas? 

Mariana Rojas is mostly known as the wife of baseball infielder Miguel Rojas. However, the couple hasn’t revealed their marriage date. 

She seemed to be in her late thirties. However, her exact date of birth is yet to be revealed to the public. She has a welcoming personality and good fashion sense. 

Mariana stands tall with a height of five feet seven inches and weighs around sixty-five kilograms. She makes frequent appearances to support her husband’s play. 

Unfortunately, there are only a few reputable sources on Mariana. Mariana’s outside-of-marriage activities are unknown. It’s uncertain what she does or how successful she has been before.

Miguel And Mariana Rojas Married Life Explored

Miguel and Mariana Rojas have kept their marriage date hidden from the public spotlight. However, reports claim that the pair got married in 2014. 

The beautiful couple is living happily at the moment. 

Miguel isn’t linked or rumored with anyone even after eight years of marriage. He frequently shares pictures with his children on his official Instagram account.

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Do They Have Any Children? 

Miguel and Mariana are blessed with two children, a son Aaron Elias and a daughter Amber Lucia.

Aaron Elias falls under the age category of 5-10 years of age. His exact date of birth is yet to be revealed in the media. His sister, Aaron Elias, is one year old. 

On December 24, 21014, Miguel was traded to the Miami Marlins. He played 123 games next season because of his amazing forms and splashing good home runs. 

He missed sixty-two games in 2017 due to a broken thumb, but he still played 90 games. Rojas also led all NL shortstops with a.354, reaching averages in September and October. 

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Meet Mariana Rojas On Instagram 

Mariana Rojas is not active on Instagram. However, her husband is available on Instagram with the username @miggyslocker. 

He has a public account with 136 posts and 38.2k followers. Miguel hasn’t shared his wife’s photos on any social media platforms.