Who Is Melissa Arbuckle? Mum Laid Baby Girl on Train Tracks Court Told She is ‘Significantly Disturbed’.

According to reports, Melissa Arbuckle, a Victorian mother, was suffering from a disturbed mind when she laid her little girl on the train tracks. It resulted in the young girl getting struck and getting killed afterward. The incident had happened in July last year had shaken everyone to the core. At that time, the 32-year-old mother was criticized by everyone for killing her own daughter but now it is said that she is not normal and is suffering from a significantly disturbed mind. Check the complete details of the case in the article below.

Melissa Arbuckle

Melissa appeared in court on Tuesday after pleading guilty to infanticide in the death of her baby daughter Lily at a train station in Upwey, Melbourne’s east, in July last year. Arbuckle had said farewell to her sister and mother after they came to visit her three-month-old daughter, Lily, on the day of the terrible incident, Crown prosecutor Robyn Harper told the court. Harper testified in court that Arbuckle texted her husband shortly afterward to say their baby was “losing it after a feed” and that they decided to take her for a stroll.

It was stated that Arbuckle began browsing the internet for information on trains, timetables, including speed, and railway derailments, just a few minutes into their walk. A train driver observed Arbuckle carrying Lily close to her bosom as she walked along the rails in Upwey, Melbourne’s east. Ms. Harper said Arbuckle waved towards the railway with her small girl’s hand.

Before placing Lily on train tracks and snuggling down near her, Melissa texted her husband, saying the girl was disturbed. A train on the Belgrave line struck them both. After being taken to the hospital, Lily died, but Arbuckle survived with fractures and internal bleeding. Megan Tittensor, a defense counsel, said Arbuckle was suffering from severe postpartum depression and psychosis when she decided to end her own and her baby’s lives.

Arbuckle’s barrister said that she is a former high school captain who studied veterinarian science. The barrister added that the woman does not plan on having another child as she can not bear the thought of putting another child’s life in danger. Meanwhile, the train’s driver had shared that the incident has changed his life forever as police sirens and baby noises are causing him distress. Talking about Melissa Arbuckle, she remains on bail and is expected to be sentenced on Thursday, March 6, 2022.