Who Is Motoo Abiko Fujiko Fujio? Doraemon Creator Net Worth At Death, Wife Family

Motoo Abiko, also known as Fujiko Fujio was a manga artist and manga artist who penned over 50 manga titles in his 70-year career, covering a range of genres and target audiences. 

Due to his work on Ninja Hattori-Kun, Obake no Q-Tar, and Doraemon, Motoo Abiko was by far one of the most renowned manga in Japan and across the world.

Motoo Abiko was born in 1934 to a temple family and received a priest’s education. In primary school, he formed friends with Hiroshi Fujimoto.

Abiko and Hiroshi Fujimoto both aspired to be mangakas and worked together, with Motoo Abiko debuting in 1951 at the age of 17 while still in high school.

He later moved to Tokyo with Hiroshi Fujimoto to pursue careers as a manga artist, and they went on to publish several mangas, such as Ninja Hattori-Kun in 1964, which became a cult series in Japan.