Van Erick Custodio Wife Details

Van Erick Custodio and his wife were hoping for inviting a new family member to their home. They were lucky enough to get a newborn baby as it also brought happiness to their life as well.

However, something along the way things did not seem to shape as per the expectations. The domestic dispute between the husband and wife further.  

The conflict between the couple further intensified when Van Erick admitted that he has been abusing the newborn, thus Custodio’s wife told him to leave their house. 

The information about Van Erick’s wife seems to be confidential to not bring harm to the offender’s wife. However, such acts should not be condoned and tolerated as the toll is the death of innocent life. 

Adoption of 6-week old Infant Tragedy Details

Van Erick Custodio and his wife has been constantly trying to find a baby for adoption. They were also seeking financial help from individuals through gofundme. 

Likewise, when the things finally shaped, the couple were happy beyond the measure, as they stated that God was able to hear them and fulfill their wish of them to have a family. 

However, the friends of Custodio’s state that Van had thrown the child on the sofa and squeezed the child, where they were able to hear the rib area pop. 

Similarly, while changing the diaper, Custodio yanked the legs of the child and felt a bone pop in the child’s legs while changing the baby’s diaper. 

This chilling and heinous crime has shaken the people, also the adoption agency advocated that they were crushed hearing such news and hoped for strict measures taken against the defendant. 

Van Erick Custodio Wikipedia

Van Erick Custodio a 42-year-old former professor had a decent career in terms of teaching. He had worked for multinational companies and had started his own venture as well. 

Van Erick Custodio has lacked empathy and the human ability to understand and function despite having an educated mind and the highest knowledge as a person. 

He has had notable careers, financial achievements, and prestige but all had been laid to waste due to his heinous crime depicted to his newborn adopted infant.