Who Is YouTuber Steve Wallis Married To? His Wife Name & Photos Revealed

YouTube personality Steve Wallis is married and has been with his wife, Jessica Audrey, for quite some time. Meanwhile, here are some more facts about him. 

Steven Wallis, widely recognized as Steve, is a Canadian YouTuber who is known for his camping videos and adventurous content.

With over 572k subscribers on his youtube channel, Steve is active on his channel and regularly posts about his adventures and camping tours.

He also gets a lot of views on his video, and generally, they have an average of over 200k views on all of his videos.

Since he is such a renowned personality, questions regarding him and his personal life are raised.

So, people do search a lot about his wife, age, family, and other necessary information.

YouTuber: Who Is Steve Wallis Wife Jessica Audrey?

YouTuber Steve Wallis is married to his wife, Jessica Audrey.

But there are not many details about her on the web since Steve does seem to make things personal in his content.

Indeed, Jessica is not even seen in many of his works. It looks like she is with the camera work in most of the journey, as seen on very few of Steve’s videos.

Also, detail about their first meet or its whereabouts has not been mentioned either.

How Old Is Steve Wallis? Age Revealed

Steve Wallis’s current age is 39 years old.

He was born on September 10, 1981, in Vancouver, Canada.

Steve Wallis Family And Instagram

As mentioned, Steve Wallis is a private personality, and he has not even revealed anything about his wife other than her name and few pictures.

Hence, extracting information regarding his family is indeed challenging. He is on social media handles like Instagram, but these too are filled with his professional work.

More about his Instagram, he is on the platform under the username @campingsteve, and he has nearly 15k followers here.

What Is Steve Wallis Net Worth?

Steve Wallis has a net worth of about $1 million.

Since he is a famous YouTuber with thousands of followers and subscribers, he most certainly has a net worth of about a million dollars.