Who Was Olivia Holt’s Cousin Jase Parker? 

Jase Parker is a cousin of Olivia who recently died. Olivia shared the news of his death via her Instagram and presented her homage to the struggle he had been through from a young age. She said that she will be missing him forever.

Jase’s age has been reported to be 12 years old. He came into the limelight because he was an important part of Olivia’s life. It seems they both were very close to one another and used to have fun.

She shared videos and pictures of Jase with her, where they can be seen having brother-sister moments. It looks like she was trying her best to ensure that Jase had fun as much as possible despite the pain they all were in.

Holt will certainly have a great difficulty making a comeback after the pain she is going through now. She lost one of the people, she loved most in the whole world.

Sorrow Over Child Death Of Rare Cancer – Jase Parker Death

Jase has been reported to have died because of rare cancer. There is no clarification regarding what exactly type this cancer was, but it has been said that he died of cancer. He was battling the disease for years.

He was 18 months when he was first diagnosed with the disease. He was going through pain for years and was battling it with a force; his family was fully present while he was fighting the fatal disease.

SRG Blog reported that his brother Kaden also died because of this same type of cancer. It is devastating that the same family lost two people of their family because of the same disease.

People have come forward to express their condolences to the deceased soul and the family. People are expressing their support for Holt and her family in this difficult time of their life.