Why Is Everyone Hating Evander Kane?

Evander Kane has been hated by both his teammates, fans, and followers. He has brought a different spotlight to the NHL sport. However, despite the criticism and hate towards the player, Evander seems to showcase his selfish behavior on the field and deliver in the game as well. 

Nevertheless, Evander had been traded from one club to another club due to the negative impression made through his various incompetent and questionable judgments. Evander had stated that he had been vaccinated when he did not. 

He had not been able to get along with the teammates also mounting pressure from his ex-wife and the continuing court case seems to bring further negative flaws in his character. 

Moreover, he had also allegedly stated that he had made bet in the NHL which was not well-received by both fans, family, teammates, and the public. 

However, the player had stated that he has been working on his behavior and seeking therapy for his unorthodox and illogical nature. He also seems to have a baby and advocates that fatherhood had changed him significantly. 

Meet His Ex-wife Anna Kane on Instagram 

Anna Kane had been interactive on her Instagram by posting every update about her husband, she has 10.3K followers and multiple posts about her vacations and luxury lifestyle. 

Anna Kane had stated that Evander Kane had been assaulting her verbally and physically in the past through her posts. The cases of infidelity and gambling away the earnings had been the allegations raised by her. 

Consequently, due to the series of turn of events and Anna Kane’s own fault, the custody of the baby was given to her ex-husband. Anna had been an equally dishonest and unethical person who has faked a pregnancy and brought unnecessary conflict in her marriage as well. 

The drawn-out battle had been concluded as Evander Kane had full custody of the child and Anna Kane was required to go for psychological evaluation for a week

Evander Kane Net Worth 2022

Evander Kane has signed the contract of 49 million dollars but his ex-wife had stated that he has squandered his wealth and last year filed for bankruptcy as well. 

Therefore, his estimated net worth is 5 million dollars despite having surplus earnings in prior seasons, his own mismanagement had led him to financial instability.